Frequently Asked Questions

What is this comic about?
A Girl and Her Fed (AGAHF) is the story of a girl who finds she is being watched by the government. She and the federal agent assigned to her case form a partnership and attempt to untangle a knotty conspiracy. After that, things get complicated.
How often does it update?
Every Monday and (usually) every Thursday.
I love comics with large archives! Where should I start?
Welcome! You should start with the first comic. Please note that I've been updating the old strips in the archive with new, full-color strips, so there will be a sudden shift back to black-and-white after the first 150+ comics. Then it goes to full-color again.
I'm terrified by comics with large archives! Where should I start?

- Do you want an illustrated summary?
- Do you want a plot synopsis for each chapter?
- Do you want a prose version of this world before you jump into the archives?
- Do you want to check out the TV Tropes page and see what themes pop up?
Why did you do an art reboot?
The story reboot begins here and revises the art and content of the original black-and-white strips. The original strips were saved in 72dpi, which is not suitable for printing. It is also done to repair formatting errors such as pacing and misspellings, and to remove confusing elements such as minor plot holes. Also, I started out not knowing how to draw at all, and have gradually improved.
Why are you writing novels set in the same world?
I'm a better writer than an artist. I'm also a much faster writer than an artist. There were other stories set in this world that I wanted to tell, and there's no way I'd ever get enough time to draw them. The Rachel Peng novels bridge the five-year gap between Acts 1 and 2 of the comic. Rachel is a secondary character in the comic, but she's got her own stories to tell. These books are part technothriller, part mystery. i09 has a favorable review of the first novel.

I also enjoy writing comedy. Josh Glassman, another secondary character in the comic, is a world-class Pornomancer. His stories are just brain candy for those who enjoy X-rated shenanigans.
I have a problem with This, or That, or The Other, because it is wrong in the comic and does not happen like that in Real Life.
Warning! This comic contains a talking koala.
Why is Speedy so mean/sex-crazed? Don't you know koalas have thumbs?
Koalas have an excellent publicist. They might be adorable but koalas, particularly male koalas, have a vicious streak if they aren't allowed to remain in their natural habitat. Koalas of both genders will hump anything that moves. Speedy isn't a fuzzy miniature human being; he's a full-grown male Queensland koala, and he's just being true to his nature. As for his lack of thumbs? I'm sorry to have to bring this up but Speedy isn't real.
How can I contact you?
- Email: Each note on the main page of the comic has a hyperlink to my email. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way with your human hands by typing otter AT-SIGN! agirlandherfed DON'T-FORGET-THE-DOT! com
- Blog: I read comments on the blog pretty quickly.
- Twitter: @kbspangler
- Facebook: I don't have a personal page. I also don't maintain the comic's Facebook page, but messages left there will get to me!
- Snail mail: K.B. Spangler // p.o. Box 41241 // Greensboro, NC // 27404. I check this box infrequently. Please do not ship perishables, especially food, and especially-especially live animals.
I have an idea for the comic!
Thank you but the plot for the comic is already planned.