Comic for 31 May 2023: The investment costs in ironic comeuppances are fairly inexpensive. The cleanup fees, however...
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Welcome to 2023!

I'm so glad we've made it here. It's been a really difficult few years, but working with Ale has breathed new life into AGAHF, and I'm excited to be tackling larger projects again! I didn't realize how badly I had burned out before she agreed to work on this weirdness with me. I feel good about the future, and the work we're putting into it, for the first time in years. 

This year:

- Our new comic, SIDE QUESTED will hit a few big milestones. We have plans to grow readership, plus ...sigh... maybe offer some Peony merch.

- I have a minimum of four books coming out. These are all three of the last Rachel Peng books, plus another I can't talk about yet!

- Finally wrapping up the loose ends from the Kickstarter from 2013. I'm planning on a big payout for everyone who has patiently waited for this to be fulfilled.

- The long-promised AGAHF wedding comic is on the schedule!!!

There's also a ton of smaller projects percolating in the background. Think of our work spaces as mad scientists' labs which smell like ozone, dog farts, and the good kinds of thick paper.

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be joyous and bright!

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I feel like I should apologize for this one but I'm too proud to be ashamed.

We have two comics now! The other one is our medieval comedy romance, SIDE QUESTED!

A Girl and Her Fed's Patreon is here, and Side Quested's Patreon is here.
There are two pins for preorder in the store! The first is a redrawn 2022 version of the old Bubbles pin, which is Pat's clownfish avatar, and the other is Madeline, which is Rachel's owl avatar.

These will ship for the holidays!