Comic for 25 March 2020: Hello, old friend.
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Hey all. I say this a lot, but the comic isn't ending and there will be an Act 3. There are two things to remember:

1) There will be another time skip. This time, it's twelve years instead of five.
2) I'll still be writing, but there will be a new artist.

There will be a 5-page intermission which begins on Monday, and then Act 3 will start. I'm nervous about all of this, especially now when it seems the world is on fire. But everything changes: change isn't necessarily bad, and fire can be a purifier. Hope comes along at the strangest times and is found in the oddest places. Let's make it work for us.

Thank you for coming along for the story.

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As Act 2 wraps up, please remember that there will be an Act 3! The only reason there will be an Act 3 is because of my Patreon supporters. I'm paying the new artist out of that fund, and I don't have a lot of extra money. If you enjoy the comic but aren't yet a Patreon supporter, please consider joining. If you don't participate in Patreon, here are links to my Paypal and my Ko-Fi.

(And my Amazon wishlist? Sure, why not. You can check out the toilet handles I think are cool.)

To sweeten the deal, "Speedy's Kids" launched on Patreon on Jan 1st. It runs three days a week (MWF). It's a hand-drawn comic in the form of an illuminated manuscript. I've been working on the story for several years, and it's a joy to draw.
This Friday night, new artist Ale and I will be doing a livestream on my Patreon! Come along and watch her draw while the two of us answer your questions! More details can be found here.