Comic for 28 May 2015: I have no idea how many, myself.
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This should come as a shock to no one on planet Earth.

So! It's the end of another month. I've stopped asking why this happens, and just accept I'm still glad I'm here. Time to remind you about my Patreon, and that the Puns are Lazy Humor tumblr has been updated once again with samples of the daily comic jokes you get when you support me at the $5+ level.

Also! Please buy a shiny new copy of State Machine! If you're reading the notes, you're probably well aware of the Rachel Peng books. But if you're new, welcome, and pick up a murder mystery* for the weekend!

*The koala didn't do it.**
**This time.
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Happy Memorial Day!

The art in this scene is murder. So many different characters... hopefully splitting the party will reduce delays. I apologize for missing Thursday's comic.

Please don't forget that State Machine, the third Rachel novel, is out!
State Machine, the third Rachel novel, just came out on Monday, There's murder, mayhem, and mystery. No Muppets, though. Why would there be any Muppets?

Seriously, if you enjoy the comic, you will most likely enjoy the books. I write both of them! And in the novels, I use kickier words!

See you on Thursday!